About Us

Randy grew up working his uncle’s farm and credits his vocal coach, an 8 track tape of Olivia Newton-John, and his private vocal studio, a closed cab John Deere 4430 tractor, for developing and perfecting his unique sound. Since then Randy has been featured on hundreds of national and local commercials and live performances. Some national spots you may recall are ABC’s, “Friday Night TGIF” and Disney’s “On Disney”. Randy has toured with various Department of Defense and USO Tours around the world. Randy takes every opportunity to exercise his vocal chords…even if it’s singing in the family room with his family.

Bob grew up in Oregon, loving the ocean and forest. He has been writing songs since he was 14 with his favorite instrument, the guitar. With a passion for music, he discovered the art of sound production. With new and old friends, (musicians and sound engineers), he created “The Journey Home” – a compilation of his favorite songs he had written – crossing into modern classic rock, blues,
and country.

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